Commonly Asked Questions


What are the dates of the market?

View dates here

What time is the market?

6:00 am to 2:00 pm

What time do vendors set up?

Vendors can set up any time after 1:00 pm Saturday before the market

How much does it cost to set up?

Spot prices start at $12

How much does it cost to get in?

Admission is $3 per a vehicle

Can I sell animals?

Vendors are allowed to sell animals provided they meet all local, state, and federal health regulations. For non-Iowa residents, please click here

How do I reserve a spot?

You may reserve a spot online by clicking here.

Why Do I need an Iowa sales tax number?

Iowa Code §423.33(3)

code section states that the sponsor “shall obtain from every retailer selling tangible
personal property or taxable services at the event proof that the retailer possesses a valid sales tax permit or secure from the retailer a statement, taken in good faith, that property or services offered for sale are not subject to sales tax. Failure to do so renders a sponsor of the event liable for payment of any sales tax, interest, and penalty due and owing from any retailer selling property or services at the event.

How do I get an Iowa sales tax number?

You may apply online here