Selling Requirements

Selling Requirements



ALL VENDORS MUST have an Iowa Sales Tax Number  per Iowa Code ยง423.33(3) to be able to sell at a flea market in Iowa. There are few exceptions allowed. If you are selling ONLY Animals, feed, and farm supplies you are exempt.  If you are considered an occasional seller under Iowa Law you are exempt. (an occasional seller is one that has sold at the market two or less times) All transactions are made strictly between the vendor and the buyer.

All animals must meet Iowa laws and regulations. Any out of state animals must have health papers. Scrapie’s tags are required on sheep & goats. Pullorum test is required on all poultry & waterfowl. All Animals must have all required shots and all paperwork must be available for inspection and to present to the new owner.

Any vendor that resides outside of the state of Iowa must have a certificate of veterinary inspection for the following types of animals : cattle and bison, swine, goats and sheep (must also have the scrapie’s tags), equine, cervidae, cats and dogs, poultry, domestic fowl, and hatching eggs. For further information about Iowa Regulations of importing animals across state lines into Iowa please follow this link to the full regulation put out by the state of Iowa.

There will be a Pullorum tester available at the South end of the arena in spot 176.

All animals will be subject to inspection by our veterinary. Any animal not meeting the requirements will be required to be removed from the property.

All property belonging to the vendor will be contained in the spot or spots assigned to the vendor and the vendor will be responsible for making sure all trash and debris is removed from their spot. Any items outside the boundaries of the paid spot maybe removed by our staff.

You may NOT sell counterfeit or knock off goods. No ADULT products maybe displayed or sold. We want to keep this Family Friendly. 

There are no foods or drinks allowed to be sold on the grounds without the expressed written consent of West Burlington Flea Market. This does NOT include produce.