Vendor Directory

We will be building this page to include many of our vendors and give you an idea of what is available and where to find it on the grounds.

Mike Zern
101-102 North Pavilion
James Cluney103-104 North PavilionHunting equipment, Tools, Hardware, Garden Equipment, Household Goods, Misc
Bob & Kathy Buck AKA Banana Box Man MARKET 18105-109 North PavilionHundreds of Banana Boxes filled with a variety of New Products
Sandy Ford The Black Cat110 North PavilionPrimitives, Up-cycled garden items, One of a kinds
Steve Moehlam113-114 North Pavilion
John Shields Shields Service117-118 North Pavilion
Shirley Wills119 North Pavilion
Judy Salyers120 North Pavilion
John Mitchell126-128 North Pavilion
Kelli Reif129-130A North Pavilion
Mike Dennis131-132 North Pavilion
Barbra Lowe133 North Pavilion
Robert Szawiel138 North Pavilion
Brent Burkhalter 141-142 West Pavilion Tools, Hand woven Rugs, Placemats, Misc.
Chris Frakes143-144 West Pavilion Automotive Fastners, Electrical Supplies, Trailer Supplies, Tools, Towels, Fishing Supplies & Sinkers, Knives & Swords, Ceramics, Misc
Randy Crum145 North PavilionPrimitives, Yard Art, Collectables
Jeff Schnedler147-148 West Pavilion Signs, Vintage Tools, Lanterns, Cast Iron, Knives, Harley Davidson, Woodwork, Arrow Heads, Handcrafted Scents, Glassware, Salt & Pepper, Jewelry, Toys, Antiques & Collectibles, Misc
Jody Wollet151-152 North Paviliontools, canning jar lids, lamps, Christmas items, dishes, Jewelry, Toys, Tools
Pawn Plus, IncMARKET 21153-156 West Pavilion Jewelry, video games, tin signs, tools, antiques, electronics and most everything facebook/pawnnow
Steve Ausmus176 Arena Area
Christine Westercamp181-182 Arena Area
Charlie Drahos183-184 North PavilionFarm Tools, Oil Cans, Old Wrenches & Tools
Sarah Long189 Arena AreaScentsy productswebsite
Gene Glover198 East Pavilion
Phil Hendrix AKA Phil's PHorksphil's forks199 East PavilionUnique Jewelry & gift items made from silverware. Website
Quinda Gilpin204-205 East Pavilion