Vendor Setup

Setup Procedures for 2018


Setup is now Saturday after 1 PM on the morning before the market up until the time of the market on Sunday. For the MAY MARKET setup will be after 1:30 on Saturday.

If you are arriving before the setup time you MUST stage in the Northeast lot of the college off of Gear Ave. The City of West Burlington has informed us that we can no longer park on the west road. Any vehicle parking there may be fined $275 for blocking a public roadway.

All payments for the spots will be collected BEFORE you are admitted to the Market’s grounds.

At the time of payment each vendor will be given a certificate showing their assigned spot along with the market date and will be signed by the appropriate member of our staff. This certificate WILL need to be displayed at all times in your spot and be easily visible to our Staff.

All paid monthly and Annual vendors that have their Spot registration Certificate may proceed to their appropriate spots once the market setup time has been reached there will be no reason for you to wait in line once we have all your paperwork.

We will have staff available to check in vendors at the Northeast lot from the setup time until at least 2 PM each market with the exception of May which will be 2:30 PM. If you arrive after the staff has left this area proceed to the concession stand area, which is located in the north east part of the roofed pavilion, Vendor’s registration will be setup there until at least 8 AM on the morning of the market.

It is recommended that all vendors be setup and ready for business when the market opens at 6 AM Sunday morning. The market will once again this year run until 2PM on Sunday afternoon. Please do NOT start packing until 1:30 PM on Sunday.  We were asked last year to extend the market and to do so we spent a great deal of money to promote the longer hours. Now we need Vendors to be there for those arriving later. If you want the attendees to come back you need to be there and give them a reason. We can spend thousands of dollars to bring people in but if there are few vendors they will not be back.

When you unload PLEASE do not block the roadways. Unload your merchandise into your spot and then please move your vehicle to a parking area if you do not have enough room in your spot.

All of your merchandise, vehicles and trailers, if remaining at your spot, must be kept within your spot. The boundaries of each spot are clearly marked. The area beyond your spot is either a driveway or another spot. If you can not fit your vehicle into your spot then PLEASE use any of the parking areas. Any merchandise outside of your paid space maybe removed by our Staff. (we’ll asked you to correct the situation first)