How much does it cost to setup?

The cost to setup varies. All prices are based on the location and the size of the space. Prices start at $15.00 for a 20 x 15 space up to $45.00 for a 20 x 60 space.

How can I reserve a space or see pricing?

Reserving a space or seeing prices is simple just click here and you will be taken to our reservation page. Choose which month you wish to be a vendor at and select it. Once on the map look it over and select the space you wish to have and add it to the cart. You can add spaces from any month to the cart at the same time.

  • Because the map is live and interactive the spaces will only be in your cart for 20 minutes before they are available again.

Once you get to the checkout you will have to make a profile, you only have to do this the first time. After the first time all you will have to do is select the month, space, add it to the cart and then check out. All of your information is stored on your profile for ease of access at a later date.

Do I have to have an Iowa Sales Tax Number?

  • Yes, but there are exceptions, most vendors are required under law to have an Iowa Sales Tax Number.
  • You DO NOT need a sales tax number if you are an occasional seller, which is defined as attending and offering items for sale less than three times.
  • You DO NOT need a sales tax number if you are selling ONLY animals or farm equipment.
  • You DO NOT need a sales tax number if you selling exempt products or services.
  • You may not need a sales tax number if you are a direct sales consultant depending on how your company handles sales tax.

Am I allowed to sell food or drink?

Outside food vendors are not permitted unless they are a pre-approved by West Burlington Flea Market as a commercail food vendor. Fresh produce is permitted but homemade goodies are not. Pre-packaged items from a licensed kitchen may be permitted by management – must be able to provide documentation.

Can I bring a golf cart or ATV to get around the grounds?

Unfortunately, the only vehicles allowed to aid patrons are those that are ADA compliant. This is for the safety of everyone attending, along with insurance and city requirements.

Am I allowed to bring my dog with me to the market?

Yes, patrons are allowed to bring their dog the market but they must remain leashed and the owners are responsible for cleaning up after them. You are liable for any injury or damage they may cause.

Am I allowed to sell animals at the market?

Yes, most animals are allowed to be sold but there are requirements and restrictions for different types and breeds. Please click here to find out more…

Check out the market rules here!
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