West Burlington Flea Market is NOW allowing outside food vendors!

  • Those persons or businesses wishing to become a food vendor must fill out and return a Food Vendor application. The application can be found by clicking here


  • To be a Vendor your application must be received a MINIMUM of 30 days prior to the market you wished to sell at. 


  • As soon as possible after your application is received it will be reviewed and we will be in contact with you. If you are permitted to setup to sell food we will send you an agreement that must be returned to us along with your payment before you will be allowed to setup. 


  • You will be responsible for acquiring all necessary Food Service Permits as required by Iowa Law. You MUST furnish us with a copy of the permit prior to selling.


  • You must also obtain commercial liability insurance  


  • $1 million dollars in Liability coverage is the MINIMUM amount of coverage to be considered and must cover Bodily Injury; Property Damage.


  • A certificate of insurance is required to be provided to West Burlington Flea Market Prior to set up. The certificate must show West Burlington Flea Market, South Eastern Community College; Des Moines County Fair Association and College-County Fair Service Agency as additional insured’s. 


  • If you are NOT a Commercial Food Vendor that meets all the necessary requirements you may NOT sell any food or drink at The West Burlington Flea Market.