Our Market Policies

All Of the Market Rules and Regulations

General Market Rules (click here)

  • Motorized Vehicles

    All vehicles driven on the Market grounds MUST be ADA compliant. Golf carts, ATVs, lawn mowers etc… are not permitted.

  • Contraband

    Firearms, ammunitions or alcohol are NOT permitted on the market grounds.

  • Smoking

    There is no smoking permitted on the grounds, any person caught smoking are liable to fines by the West Burlington Police Department.

  • Problems

    If any problem arises during the market pelase contact the West Burlington Flea Market staff to have the problem handled as quickly as possible.

Vendor Rules (click here)

  • Before setting up

    • Booth rentals must be paid in full before setup is allowed.
    • All vendors not meeting Iowa Exemption requirments, are required to have an Iowa Sales Tax number.
  • Booth Space Restrictions

    Any vendor who sets up outside of their rented booth space will be required to move the merchandise into their rented area. If you have not purchased a large enough space and still wish to show all your items, you will need to purchase additional space. Failure to cooperate may force you being asked to leave, and should that happen there will be NO refund of monies paid by the vendor or recourse by the vendor.

  • Sales

    All sales are soley between the vendor and the buyer. The West Burlington Flea Market has NO responsibility or liability for any transaction.

  • Food

    No food or drink other than produce is permitted to be sold without being an approved liscenced food vendor.

  • Prohibited Items for Sale

    • Firearms and ammunitions
    • Counterfeit goods – Anyone found selling or displaying counterfeit items will be asked to leave with no refunds for monies paid. Their items are subject to confiscation by authorities. All their information will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities to the companies whose goods their falsely representing.
    • Adult content
    • Food (excluding produce) other than approved food vendors.
    • Tobacco products
    • Medical Devices
    • Controlled substances
    • Vaping and CBD devices and products
  • Pathways

    ALL vendors must keep pathways and roadways clear for emergency vehicles. Failure to do this, after being aksed to move tables, merchandise or vehicles may cause your removal from the market and you could lose the ability to exhibit in the future.

  • Trash

    Any vendor who leaves trash and/or debris in their rented booth space may be refused the ability to exhibit again.

    There is a dumpster at the North East corner of the pavilion for you to plave all trash in. There are also trash cans throughout the market.

    If you have an issue in removing your trash please contact a staff member.

  • Booth Deadlines

    Any vendor not setup by 7 AM Sunday may forfeit their booth sapce and monies paid for that market. If you will be coming in after 7 AM to setup please let us know so we can keep your spot available for you.

    ALL vendors must be off the market grounds no later than 5 PM the Sunday of the market.

  • No Show

    Any vendor who pre-registers and fails to setup is not entitiled to a refund of monies paid.

  • Gate Fee Refund

    The gate entry fee will only be refunded to the vendor when the ticket recieved at the gate is given to the staff member at registration.

  • Vendor Permits

    Vendor permits must be on display at all times OR made for market staff. West Burlington Flea Market staff can ask to see them at any time.