Important Info

If you're a vendor selling an animal...

Any vendor selling animals that do not reside in the state of Iowa are required to have  a certificate of veterinary Inspection and all health paperwork required for each animal.

Do I need a license to sell an animal?

All vendors selling animals are required to have all state and federal required health paperwork for each animal.

I just sold an animal...

It is the responsibility of the vendor to provide contact information to the buyer that purchases their animals. If not provided the West Burlington Flea Market has the authority to provide the necessary contact information.

What condition is it okay to sell an animal?

All animals must be disease-free, any animal found to tbe diseased will be removed immediately from the grounds.

The State of Iowa has very strict requirements on the sale or exhibition of animals. Please be sure any animals brought to the West Burlington flea market comply with all Iowa regulations. Please check the links below that pertain to your type of animal to be sure you meet the criteria.

Goat Guidelines Sheep Guidelines Dog & Cat Guidelines Poultry Guidelines

ALL animals can ONLY enter the market after producing the certificate of veterinary inspection within 30 days prior to the date of entry to the market grounds.

The certificate MUST include the name of the owner or exhibitor and the 911 address of the site the animal(s) resides, the name of the 911 address of the market. A certificate is only valid for one market date and must be renewed between each flea market.