Trina B.

The people running it are friendly and helpful. It’s an enjoyable experience.

Norma B.

If flea markets are your thing, great deals are always there

Holly W.

We had a blast at the sale yesterday(4/9/17). There really is something for everyone. We found some very neat stuff. Will definitely be coming bac!!!!

Jan C.

had a great time with my sis as vendors. met lots of super nice fun folks. hope we continue to draw this caliber of customers! saw on FB a few lil grumbles of the cost to get in to the market, really? $3.00, folks that is a car load, not per person. I have been to markets and paid as much as $10 per person!!! Help support this wonderful event that offers people a great way to sell things they no longer want or need at a minimal cost. I would never be able to draw this many people if I had a sale in my garage and this is much cheaper than an ad in any paper!

Henry H.

Cheap to get in ($3 is reasonable) and quite a few vendors. A lot better than other markets I’ve been too.

Christina C.

We love to go. something new and exciting to see every month!

Amber P.

As someone who frequently sets up at flea markets I found the rates to be very reasonable. It is comparable to the cost of most other country markets, and much cheaper than many larger markets near the city or big events such as spoon river drive. We did very well at the market and met lots of interesting people. I definitely recommend this as a great market to set up at. I plan to set up for the rest of the season, and return next year if the market continues.

David L.

It was filled with hundreds of vendors. Probably one of the most wide varieties of shopping I’d seen for flea markets. We will be back for the next one

Cherie S.

I’m impressed with the organization and cleanliness!!